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When assisting our clients with their workers' compensation insurance programs, LTC Insurance Services never leaves things to chance. A successfully managed workers' compensation program always requires expertise and diligence to maintain the control that results in the lowest number of injuries and the lowest possible cost. To help achieve this goal, LTC Insurance Services assists our customers in the implementation of the following strategies:


* Prevent as many injuries as possible through the implementation of common sense safety programs that eliminate hazards. Fewer hazards equals fewer injuries.

* 90% of all work injuries are caused by unsafe acts. Develop a list of safe work rules that must be enforced.

* LTC Insurance Services provides a loss control assessment of your operations that will determine why employees are getting injured, and what changes can be implemented to reduce the number and severity of injuries.

* LTC Insurance Services will set achievable goals for new injuries and measure your success.

* LTC Insurance Services will seek out your employees with exemplary safety records and will duplicate their success through utilizing their expertise.


When a claim does occur, LTC Insurance Services will assist by utilizing the following strategy:

1. Immediately maximize your control of the claim by following a claims management plan that addresses claims management responsibilities.

2. Determine your injured employees' motivations - Report red flags to your insurance carrier right away.

3. Develop a relationship with the medical community that provides the treatment to your injured employees. Monitor results and work in concert with those physicians that believe in the value of returning your injured employees back to work.

4. Know the rules and become familiar with the proper techniques to strategize your way through a tough claim.

5. Return injured employees to meaningful work quickly, and then bring them back to their regular duties as soon as possible.

6. Work with your claims adjuster to follow up on claims activities and most importantly - establish goals for closure.