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LTC Insurance Services provides a full range of insurance placement services with a variety of insurance carriers, and much more. We also become deeply involved in the way our customers approach their business and take the time to become a business partner with them as they grow, face problems and enjoy success. This takes an uncommonly interactive degree of service that includes a multi-faceted approach:

* Custom tailored insurance coverage to match your business risk exposures.

In short, we get to know your business needs, goals and concerns.

* Reduction in your firm's exposure to loss through the utilization of in-depth and innovative techniques that truly lessen your firm's exposure to large losses.

* Claim accountability is a team based approach to claims management that significantly raises the bar of claims services to achieve economical claim closure.

* Highest level of customer service and satisfaction – LTC Insurance Services focuses on client interaction to eliminate surprises and foster communication and team work.

Service is an attitude. An agency, big or small needs to be committed to customer service to make a difference. At LTC Insurance Services, we take our commitment to providing exceptional customer service very seriously. Our team of experienced professionals have a keen understanding of the importance of providing quality customer service every day.

Nothing less is acceptable.

Communication is the critical component of your relationship with your insurance agent.

At LTC Insurance Services, you will be kept aware of changes in the insurance market that will impact your operations, your cost of doing business, and your coverage limits. We will make sure you fully understand your insurance program, what is covered, and if applicable; what is not.