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Anthony Putaro, C.S.P., A.R.M. - Partner

Tony has, over a 35-year period, assisted numerous companies in developing and implementing effective loss prevention and claims management programs.  These programs have significantly reduced the costs of Workers Compensation coverage for client companies.  Tony has implemented numerous cost saving programs in a variety of safety areas over the years and won the Award of Honor and Award of Merit from the National Safety Council for completing 1,500,000 hours without a lost time injury.
James R. Murphy, Jr., C.S.P. - Partner

Jim has, over a 35-year period, provided many companies with a variety of insurance placement, safety and cost management services.  Insurance placement services have focused on providing the correct policy with quality carriers, with appropriate limits of liability.  Loss control services have focused on the cost containment, and reduction of the frequency and severity of claims.  Jim has served a book of business that consists of over 20 million dollars in premium.  He has received several awards from the National Construction Association for accident prevention. 
Philip Schermerhorn - Senior Agent

Phil has over 14 years experience in managing multiple benefit programs to include health, life, dental and disability insurance.  He is an expert at designing cost effective solutions for a vast variety of industries which include small, mid-size and large companies.  Phil places a high priority on finding and designing benefit programs that are affordable to the employer and employee.  He's well versed in fully insured plans, self insured plans and H.S.A.'s to name a few.  Phil has a 220 P & C license as well as a 2-15 Life, Health and Annuity license.
Tammy J. Vetere, A.R.M. - Agent/Office Manager 

Tammy has, over a 27-year period, provided a variety of customers with insurance placements, policy related customer service, loss control support and worker's compensation claims management services.  Insurance placement services have focused on gathering insurance specification and insurance carrier interface and negotiation.  Loss control support focused on assisting the loss control consultants with cost containment services and the reduction of the frequency and severity of claims.  Claims management services included direct contact with the customer to assist in returning injured employees back to work as well as montioring claims handling services provided by the insurance company.